[ 2009/05/25 ]
If you want to do these, it is memcachedCOM.
To the memcached server client.
It is possible to connect it from WSH and ASP, etc. as a client of memcached.
oMemcachedCOM.open "192.168.xxx.xxx" oMemcachedCOM("aaa") = "hello!!!" wscript.echo "aaa :" & oMemcachedCOM("aaa")
Recordset is easily cached.
If memcachedCOM.Execute(...) is used, the Select result of DB can be easily cached.
set cmd = createobject("adodb.command"): cmd.activeconnection = "Provider=xxx..." cmd.commandtext = "select * from TTest" set rs = oMemcachedCOM(cmd)
[ 2011/03/22 ]
The Enterprises version that pursues a high performance is here.

Distributed storing, verbosely connection and connection pooling becomes possible.

It is offering in BSD Lisence.

We are preparing the support.
Please use it.

[ 2010/04/16 ]

It is offering it for a fee.
Please see here in detail.

[ 2008/03/05 ]
  1. I hope the use of this software within the range of the good sense.
  2. Our company cannot receive the guarantee of any damage by the use of this software.
  3. Please enjoy the use of this software.
[ 2010/11/10 ]

Please use it after approval in instructions.

[ 2009/02/12 ]

We will wait for the opinion, the demand, and the question, etc.
Please feel free here to contact us.