[ 2008/10/23 ]
If you want to do these, it is Tiepman.
GET request of empty mail to specification URL
The byword replies with mail only in the place where a static file to which the reply contents of a letter is written is put.
There is text and POST request of mail to specification URL
If mail is sent, it is possible to process it by the usual Web program.
There is attached file and POST(multipart/form-data) request of mail to specification URL
The attached file is quite the same treatment of a browser as the file up-loading.
A part in the mail address to Ceri of the HTTP request
Ceri trained to Mead : to Ceriparamata of the HTTP request as it is.
[ 2019/09/12 ]

For trial use, it is provided free of charge.
Otherwise it will be charged. Please contact us for pricing.

We are preparing the support after it buys it.
Please use it.

[ 2010/04/16 ]

It is offering it for a fee.
Please see here in detail.

[ 2007/11/09 ]
  1. I hope the use of this software within the range of the good sense.
  2. Our company cannot receive the guarantee of any damage by the use of this software.
  3. Please enjoy the use of this software.
[ 2010/11/17 ]

Please use it after approval in instructions.

[ 2009/02/12 ]

We will wait for the opinion, the demand, and the question, etc.
Please feel free here to contact us.