[ 2007/12/19 ]
If Nasp is used, such a thing becomes possible!
Separation of script (ASP) and template (HTML)
Nasp handles template (HTML) as one of the resources.
Event driven construction
The originated various events are captured from Nasp and the site is constructed.
The utilization of Bag
If Bag (one to have made Session detailed) that Nasp prepared is used, the Session variable can be prevented being polluted.
The design which copes with the back button of browser
If a philosophical problem of button where a browser returns uses Nasp, it solves it smart.
File upload
The file up-loading from a browser that cannot be done with ASP alone can be easily done.
Generating mail contents and the like from the templete
If Templator of Nasp is used, the contents of a letter etc. of mail are also easily generable from the template.
{checked, selected} of {<input>, <select>} without time utilization
If the drawing event of building in prepared in Nasp is used, the processing at time "checked" and "selected" is easy.
[ 2009/06/08 ]
Please try first!

Definitive edition of introduction to Nasp.
It explains how to do the above-mentioned with the source code.

[ 2019/09/12 ]

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[ 2007/12/19 ]
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  2. Our company cannot receive the guarantee of any damage by the use of this software.
  3. Please enjoy the use of this software.
[ 2014/03/14 ]

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[ 2009/02/12 ]

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