[ 2011/01/04 ]
If you want to do these, it is Kilimanjaro.
Kilimanjaro is 'MultiCast Proxy'.
The request from the client is transmitted to two or more servers.
The request is accumulated, then transmitted to two or more servers one by one.
It is the best to take the file synchronizing by two or more WebDAV servers.
[ 2019/09/12 ]

For trial use, it is provided free of charge.
Otherwise it will be charged. Please contact us for pricing.

We are preparing the support after it buys it.
Please use it.

[ 2010/04/16 ]

It is offering it for a fee.
Please see here in detail.

[ 2010/03/16 ]
  1. I hope the use of this software within the range of the good sense.
  2. Our company cannot receive the guarantee of any damage by the use of this software.
  3. Please enjoy the use of this software.
[ 2012/10/18 ]

Please use it after approval in instructions.

[ 2012/05/30 ]

We will wait for the opinion, the demand, and the question, etc.
Please feel free here to contact us.