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IchigoJam BASIC RPi is Raspberry Pi Edition of the software of the Kids PC "IchigoJam".
IchigoJam was created to make it easy to enjoy programming in the BASIC language.
It can also be used for electronics hobby by using functions such as digital I/O, PWM, I2C and UART.

Documents of RPi/RPi+

Detailed document is published on the following web site.

Characteristics of RPi/RPi+

Characteristics of RPi/RPi+

While the original IchigoJam BASIC supports specialized hardware with ARM microcontroller LPC1114,
IchigoJam BASIC RPi/RPi+ supports various Raspberry Pi hardware.
And you can use HDMI display and USB keyboard.
Moreover, since it starts up in about 3 seconds after turning on the power,
it can be used easily compared with other Raspberry Pi supporting OS.

*PS/2 keyboard and analog input function are currently available only with original (LPC1114) edition. (Sound related function and machine language related function are supported from ver1.2.5 or later)

Characteristics of RPi/RPi+

Difference between RPi and RPi+

IchigoJam BASIC RPi can be obtained and used for free(*).
IchigoJam BASIC RPi+ can be obtained by purchasing I-O DATA product,
( *Available in Japan, BASIC programming kit UD-RP3PKI, Preinstalled microSD card UD-RPSDIJ )
and Special commands that support Sense HAT and Touchscreen Display that are not in RPi are available.

*Including the original (LPC1114) edition, When distributing IchigoJam BASIC software to a third party, it is necessary to purchase a license.

What's RPi+

IchigoJam BASIC software comparison table

IchigoJam BASIC (LPC1114 edition) IchigoJam BASIC RPi(ver1.2.6) IchigoJam BASIC RPi+(ver1.2.6)
Programming language BASIC BASIC BASIC
Supported hardware Hardware products such as IchigoJam T Various Raspberry Pi Various Raspberry Pi
How to obtain Purchase IchigoJam T
Free download from IchigoJam web site

*License is required for distribution to a third party.
Free download from RPi documents web site

*License is required for distribution to a third party.
Purchase the following I-O DATA product (Available in Japan)
HDMI support
Composite video support
USB Keyboard support
PS/2 Keyboard support
Program storage location Built-in Flash memory, EEPROM microSD card, EEPROM(ver1.2.5 or later) microSD card, EEPROM(ver1.2.5 or later)
Digital input/output function
PWM output function
Analog input function
Serial (UART) communication function
I2C communication function
Sound related function ○(ver1.2.5 or later) ○(ver1.2.5 or later)
Machine language related functions ○(ver1.2.5 or later) ○(ver1.2.5 or later)
sakura.io support ○(β version) ○(ver1.2.5 or later) ○(ver1.2.5 or later)
Sense Hat support * 8x8 RGB LED matrix
* Five-button joystic
* Accelerometer
* Gyroscope(ver1.2.5 or later)
* Magnetometer(ver1.2.5 or later)
* Temperature(ver1.2.5 or later)
* Barometric pressure(ver1.2.5 or later)
* Humidity(ver1.2.5 or later)
Touchscreen support

Contact us

For inquiries regarding IchigoJam BASIC RPi/RPi+, please contact below.

Natural Style Co. Ltd.
IchigoJam BASIC RPi Team (support@na-s.jp)

Also, for technical information sharing and questions, please use the following Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ichigojamfan/